Areas of Focus

Redon Films believes that authentic storytelling lies at the heart of all great videos, campaigns, and outreach programs


We script, storyboard, and plan all aspects of production down to the smallest detail. We have crews, equipment and experience that are put to work shooting or animating – on location or in the studio.

Branding & Designing

User experience is a critical component to our design approach. We believe that aesthetics are equally as important as functionality. We work to incorporate strategic ideas into crafting incredible designs.

Product Launch

Through extensive market research and understanding our client’s needs, we invent, design and create production inline with the requirements of our clients for maximum outreach and impact.

Marketing Strategy

Our initial process starts by gathering all the relevant information to help us position your brand and product. We know that identifying the core insights builds the foundation for a strong brand.

Online Advertising

When it comes to engaging your audience in the digital space, we know how to choose the right channel to reach current and prospective customers. We’re always working to refine the brand’s message through continuous optimization.

Social Media Management

Our team combines creativity, strategy, and a dynamic production studio to produce a fresh flow of social assets that generate brand awareness, cultivate communities, and ultimately grow revenue.


We partner with development sector organizations to spread awareness through trainings on creative services including film, photography, design and web development.

Creative Development

It all starts with a good concept. Have an idea already? Let’s make it viable together. Need some help finding the right message? We will work with you to build it from scratch.