Special Talent Exchange Program (STEP)

Approval of the Pakistan Disability Act and Role of Disability Movement in Pakistan


STEP is envisioned to advocate the society about the rights of persons with disabilities; lobbying with policy makers in public, private and development sector for inclusion of persons with disabilities in overall development process; raising awareness and conducting consultations for empowerment of persons with debilitates; counselling development of accessible environment; and promoting accessible information by creating bridge between persons with debilitates and facilities of health, education and livelihood.

In broader terms, STEP’s scope of work includes networking among stakeholders at state and international level initiating from the grass roots level; leadership training of persons with disabilities, independent living training for persons with disabilities, disability awareness training for development and corporate organizations, providing accessibility consultancies, bridging to a referral system for persons with disabilities to reach assistive devices, employment, health and education; and exercising outreach and need analysis in the rural areas of Pakistan.

With STEP, Redon Films made a documentary film on the Role of Disability Movement interviewing Disability Leaders of Sindh, Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, GB and Balochistan knowing why is it important to approve and implement a rights based legislation in Pakistan for persons with disabilities.

The documentary film highlights important milestones that the disability movement has achieved in their advocacy with parliamentarians, civil society and academia.


Role of Disability Movement in the approval of Pakistan Disability Act


Special Talent Exchange Program (STEP)

The Role of Disability Movement in approval of Pakistan Disability Act